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5 Marketing Mistake that will Destroy Your Business!

Posted by Ron Robertson
Ron Robertson
Ron Robertson has been a business and marketing professional for the past 20 yea
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on Saturday, 05 November 2011 in Marketing Tips


Do this and your business will fail!

Marketing Strategies and Solutions: 5 Marketing Mistake that will Destroy Your Business!

In today’s challenging marketplace not only is there completion in your neighborhood or city, but now the competition is from around the world! If you make marketing mistakes your competitors will get your business. We have highlighted five (5) critical mistakes that will destroy any small business.

Mistake #1: Do You Know What You Are Selling? 

You may find this question surprising. However, many small business owners do not know what they are selling. A simple example: If you ask most sign company owners what are they selling they will tell you signs. But in reality they are selling marketing services. How you perceive your product determines how you market. Wrong perception, wrong strategies. 


Your biggest marketing success will come from knowing what you are selling and your ability to describe it to clients with a simple, but powerful definition.

Mistake #2: I will Market When the Economy Gets Better

You are adopting a wait and see approach to the current economic climate. You believe that things will get better in time so it is best to wait- it -out until the economy improves. We call this the “Keep Hope Alive” marketing strategy. 

Solution: Act Immediately

Your competitors are not waiting. Now is the time to take action. Whether it is simple grass-root or street level marketing, cooperative marketing with suppliers, or the hundreds of simple marketing solutions, this is the time to take action.

Mistake #3: The Way I’ve been doing it has always Worked

You have all the answers and insist on doing business the way it has always been done. You are not interested in new marketing methods, technology, or new ways to connect. You say, “To hell with Twitter and Facebook.” You don’t understand what all the excitement is about. Your business is by word-of-mouth and will continue to be. 

Solution: Open yourself to All of the New Marketing Methodologies. 

Educate yourself in new marketing methods. Just because it worked then, doesn’t guarantee it will continue to work in the future. Technology is allowing everyone to connect in cyberspace. The customer is different, the market is different, and you need to find new means of communicating and connecting with them.

Mistake #4: The Marketplace Knows who we are. They know we are the best.

May small business owners do not understand that marketing is a battle of perceptions. This simple truth trips up thousands of small business owners each year. Many owners get preoccupied with doing research and "getting the facts." In most cases they analyze their situation to make sure that truth is on their side. Then they enter into the marketplace thinking that they have the best product and that the best product will win.


That's an illusion. There is no objective reality. There are no facts. There are no best products. All that exists in the world of marketing are perceptions in the minds of the customer or prospect. This perception is the reality. Everything else is an illusion.

Mistake #5: Not Being In Control Of Your Marketing Efforts

Many small business owners relegate the control of their marketing efforts to lower level employees. This is disaster waiting to happen. When business owners don’t take charge of their marketing strategy, things rarely go well. Your marketing strategy is too important to be left to your secretary.


Let American Hues help you avoid these costly mistakes. Visit us online at www.americanhues.com or Call us at 888-516-6663 ext.1.


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Ron Robertson has been a business and marketing professional for the past 20 years. His clients have included Adams Mark Hotels, The Big Twelve Conference, Nortel Networks, and numerous small and medium size businesses. He's a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington. He has degrees in Marketing and Accounting.


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