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Doreen Cole

Doreen Cole

Doreen Cole received her marketing education from the University of Texas Arlington. She has been a Website Designer and the Social Media Manager for American Hues for the past five years.
Posted by Doreen Cole
Doreen Cole
Doreen Cole received her marketing education from the University of Texas Arling
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on Friday, 11 November 2011
in Business Tips


1. Select a Gmail Account that is attainable and relevant to your business

Create a new Gmail account and avoid generating your business page through any old account, such as a personal Gmail account.  Select a Gmail account that is obtainable to multiple members of your team (e.g. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), and use that account to generate your page. Unlike Facebook, who has the capability to enable multiple administrators you'll want to select a host account that makes your Google+ Page obtainable to multiple team members. Keep in mind Google+ has already started working on multi-admin support and ownership transfer and will be available in the following weeks/months. For now, we recommend you make an account that is accessible to yourself and others on your team.

2. Generate a Page with your new Gmail Account.

Visit http://plus.google.com/pages/create, if not signed in proceed with signing in to the Gmail account you created. Once you’re signed in select the option to Create a page.  Follow the wizard (if necessary), and select the option that classify your business most appropriately. You'll be able to select from the following categories:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other


After selecting your classification, you will be asked to locate your business or add it to the map and once this is done fill in your basic knowledge, including your page name (i.e. your company name), your business' website URL, your section (i.e. your industry), and the classification of your page's content (i.e. any Google+ user, 18 years of age or older, etc.).

3. Personalize Your Public Profile

This step involves customizing your public profile. The profile fundamentals include your tagline and an picture (your company logo would be a great option).

4. Promote Your Page!

At this point, you have created a basic page, and Google+ will now prompt you to promote your page. We recommend you personalize your page even further, add photos, videos and start sharing a few updates before you start to promote your business to the world. Promoting a blank page is not the best way to persuade people to add your Page to their Circles. So invest some time in to optimizing your page and sharing a few links of valuable content before you start promoting it to the masses.


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