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Case Study - NCNO Conco-NuChoice

Listed below are a small sample of Case Studies we have implemented for clients:


Trade Show

New Food Distribution Co-Op Seeks Branding, Expansion, and Improved Sales

Conco Foods/NuChoice Foods

Campaign/program name:
Local Marketing

Six Months

Large out of state food distributor partners with local start-up food distributor and seeks to enter and expand into new market. The problem was that many local restaurant and food supply clients were not aware of their existence. 

Create and organize a food related event to introduce clients to the local market. Created the New Choice and New Opportunities Food Show at the Dallas Convention Center.

Organized the event as a private invitation-only marketing event where both large and small suppliers could engage in a cooperative marketing program and reach a target at lower per unit marketing costs.

Call to action:

  • Organized the event as a private marketing event. Invited and secured over 100 food related exhibitors.
  • Invited two hundred companies that utilized food related products.
  • Showcased client products to a new marketplace.

Clients added over two dozen new customers. Because of co-marketing the event with other food product vendors, clients final cost to obtained these new customers were minimal.