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Our Services


American Hues offers strategies customized to each clients individual needs and the industry in which they conduct business. We create solutions tailored to your marketplace. Our solutions accomplish the following:

  • Identify the best opportunities within your market

  • Target those aspect of your market with greater opportunities for success

  • Assist you in identifying your products or service which outshine your competitors

  • Create a mix of local marketing products/vehicles to cost effectively reach customers


Our services revolve around the core activities important in any marketing program.


Our clients consist of both large and small business in a wide variety of diverse industries and markets. No matter the size of the business branding is important for three primary reasons:

  • Your brand identity represents many more intangible aspects of your product or service: a collection of feelings and perceptions about quality, image, lifestyle and status.
  • Your brand identity creates, in the mind of your customers, the perception that there is no product or service on the market like yours.
  • Your brand offers your customer a guarantee and then delivers on it.



  • Graphic Design - We have talented and creative design professionals who can help develop new marketing ideas for your business. We have worked on design projects with many businesses like yours. We understand the unique needs of small and medium size businesses.   Our high quality, affordable graphic design solutions are customized to meet your marketing objectives.

  • Website Design - We create the  foundation of your website on a strong design & marketing background. We start your website development by applying proven marketing techniques first and then integrate our  state of the art CMS technology to create the best online marketing tool for your  products and services.



American Hues provides clients with unique results-oriented advertising solutions.  We are a full service agency with in-house resources. Unlike traditional agencies, our focus is on implementing online and offline/local marketing collaboratively. This allows us to deliver promotions and advertising services at highly competitive rates


Signage is a critical element of your companies marketing program.  American Hues will assist you with every aspect of your sign project - consultation, design, configuration, and installation.  Our signage clients includes schools, churches, theaters, and a host of businesses large and small.

Street Level Promotions

Street team marketing is a highly effective and cost effective marketing tool.    Many consumers have turned off to traditional media campaigns. That why its important for marketing professionals to look for new and exciting ways to promote your brand or product.   We implement creative street campaigns from neighbor “Door Blast” to shopping center contest giveaways. Your marketing must constantly evolve with the times and the consumer to be effective.